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Stone Total Tap Takeover Tour 2010

Stone Brewing Co. will bring forty taps to take over seven bars in seven cities in seven days the first week of October.  Not sure if this needs to be pointed out, but forty individual taps of Stone means they are pulling out all the stops and breaking out a maddening variety of rare tasty beer.  Greg Koch, Stone CEO, will personally kick off the festivities at each and every bar.

Stone will take over bars in Baltimore, Cambridge, New York City, Washington D.C., Chicago, Charlotte, and Redondo Beach, CA.  Details can be found on Stone’s web site—except for the event at California.  Stone is prohibited by California law from promoting this event, but luckily Extol Beer is not.

Total Tap Takeover at Naja’s Place in Redondo Beach

On Thursday, October 7 at 7:00 PM Stone will take over the taps at Naja’s Place, one of the original beer bars on the west coast.  Special guests will include not just Greg Koch, but also Steve Wagner (Stone President/Brewmaster), and Mitch Steele (Stone Head Brewer).  This event will also kick off LA Beer Week!

Full beer list and tour dates after the jump.

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Beachwood BBQ & The Bruery Beer Dinner

Beachwood BBQ in Seal Beach, CA will be hosting their second annual beer dinner featuring The Bruery on October 11, 2010. Chef and owner Gabe Gordon will prepare a six-course meal using the techniques of molecular gastronomy that will include such exotic treats as kangaroo and a duck tamale with foie gras air and cotton candy. If this isn’t exciting enough already, Patrick Rue, CEO of The Bruery, will be there to continue pushing the envelope with beer pairings that will include such rarities as Barrel Aged Coton, Melange No. 3, and yes—Black Tuesday. This food and beer experience will be available for $85 plus tax and gratuity. Reservations are a must.

Beachwood BBQ, despite being younger than four years, has already won national recognition and been named among the best beer bars on planet earth in BeerAdvocate magazine for two years running. The Bruery, which is still only a little over two years old, has had a similar stratospheric rise in prominence since the release of Black Tuesday. Expect boundaries and taste buds to be pushed to their limits.

See the entire menu and how to get reservations after the jump.

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