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Review: Duck Rabbit Baltic Porter

Vintage 2009 twelve ounce bottle poured into a tulip glass. Pours jet black with tobacco brown extremities and lless than a finger of oak barrel brown head. Retention is not high, though a ring of microbubbles remains, crowning the beer. Aroma of musty chocolate, cocoa powder, malt, tootsie rolls, slightly salty with hints of vinous port wine character.

Flavor is quite vinous and ripe with cocoa, umami and classically acidic for a Baltic Porter. Tart wine grapes and dark fruits on the midpalate and the finish is quite dry, ashy even, ending with a lot of breadiness and a a bit of leafiness. Alcohol is quite concealed.

Moderate to full in body with carbonation at the same level, too many bubbles for a dry beer that isn’t too thick. More acidic and less malt dominated and thick than a typical Baltic Porter, a more historic variation on the style. Unique dry and acidic qualities make it easy to drink. Worth trying.

TOTAL: 74/100 Points

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