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Beer Styles pages created

The first major addition to the knowledge base at Extol Beer is the Beer Style page.  The reasons behind this is simple: knowing the different styles of beer is the best way to quickly understand beer as a whole.  The best strategy for a new craft beer drinker especially is to familiarize oneself with the characteristics of different beer styles.

The world of beer is vast and the range of sights, aromas, flavors, and feels is dauntingly immense.  By coming familiar with the hugeness of all beer can be broken down and explored piece by piece.  Another strategy is skipping around from different styles until the drinkers finds one that intrigues them and then exploring that style with vigor.

The Beer Styles page currently contains:

  • Why categorize beer?
  • Use of basic terms and definitions for ale and lager
  • Links and discussion of three different beer style guides.
  • Breaking the Rules – why styles can’t contain us.

Cheers and Extol Beer.

Inaugural Post

Welcome to Extol Beer.  The name of this blog and the concise description “reverence and  veneration of craft beer” was chosen to describe how I feel about beer.  It is to be respected, treasured, and held up high.  It is the humble belief of yours truly that beer is good.  It is most flavorful, more variable, and most amazing beverage on the planet.  Good beer is drank by good people, which is something I have witnessed time and time again.

This website will serve both as a discussion of the many aspects regarding beer as well as become a repository of knowledge.  One of the chief goals is to both make craft beer accessible to anyone and to provide intelligent discussion for enthusiasts and industry professionals.

The “About” page has been created and contains a brief mission statement on what it is to Extol Beer.