Great American Beer Festival Winners

The 2010 Great American Beer Festival (GABF) competition winners were unveiled today, narrowing some 3,523 individual beer entries into a winner’s pool of only 80.  GABF is inarguably the most prestigious and respected competition for American beer.

The Brewer’s Association, the organization behind the event, noted a geographic widening in the winner’s circle with the Midwest and Southeast stepping up the game this year.  Despite this trend, it is immediately apparent that California largely dominated the competition.  Pizza Port smashed competitors with a ridiculous ten medals, including five gold medals.  A record-settng 142 entries were stared down by Pizza Port San Clemente in the American-style India Pale Ale category and beaten with their Pseudo IPA.  Pizza Port Carlsbad claimed Large Brewpub of the Year and Pizza Port San Clemente claimed Small Brewpub of the Year.  California continued its rampage with Firestone Walker taking six medals and TAPS Fish House & Brewery taking the Brewpub Group of the Year award along with three medals.  Eagle Rock Brewery from Los Angeles won the Pro-Am category with their Red Velvet.

Click here for the full winner’s list


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